Community & Human Development

CD - Block Grant

Community + Human Development accepted citizen request forms from:

$1 million was set aside for District #2 and District #4 projects; each target district was expected to receive $500,000.

Types of Eligible Projects

  • Neighborhood, Recreation, and Senior Centers
  • Parks Improvements
  • Walkability + Accessibility
  • Small-scale Green Infrastructure

Contact Information

Community + Human Development
(915) 212-0138

Additional contact information can be found on each form/application.

How to Apply

The following forms were completed by Friday, September 3, 2021, and sent to to be considered for funding:

For more details, please contact us at (915) 212-0138 or or review the Community Development Steering Committee duties and agendas

CDBG Homeless

CDBG funds are allocated to homeless programs that support the values and the work of the Homeless Coalition in their mission to provide a seamless continuum of care with a strong focus on safety-net services and eventual independence through projects that:

  • Provide safety-net services including emergency shelter, transitional housing, special needs housing, and supportive services for basic needs such as food, transportation, health care, and other needs that lead to self-sustainability.
  • Offer job training, preparation, education, and support services to obtain and sustain employment for economic security.
  • Provide comprehensive housing counseling and education services to first-time homebuyers or at-risk homeowners facing homelessness due to mortgage default and possible foreclosure.
  • Promote advocacy, public policy, financial leveraging, and community collaboration which advance the City of El Paso’s strategic 10-year plan, Border Solutions: Ending Chronic Homelessness in El Paso, Texas.

In addition to assisting homelessness, CDBG funds are utilized for various activities including public facilities improvements, public services, housing, and economic development programs.

The following amounts are projected for PY 2022-2023:

  • $2,670,584 for Citywide Public Facilities projects
  • $500,000 for District #2 Public Facilities projects
  • $500,000 for District #4 Public Facilities projects
  • $200,000 for Economic Development programs to provide Microenterprise Technical Assistance and Job Training
  • $196,669 for Public Services programs under the Children and Youth Services category
  • $196,668 for Public Services programs under the Seniors and Persons with Disabilities category
  • $125,000 for Public Services programs under the Youth Summer Program, Youth Recreational Afterschool Program, and Seniors and Disabled Physical Recreational Program set-asides
  • $80,000 competitive public service set aside for up to two Incubator New project(s)

Policies & Procedures

Please review the 48th Policies + Procedures document for further details on each program and eligibility requirements.

A review of these documents should be done prior to applying.

48th Year Policies + Procedures
City of El Paso Strategic Plan
City of El Paso Resilience Strategy

Assurances A-D
Attachment A - General Completeness Checklist
Attachment B - Tentative Schedule for Upcoming Program Year
Attachment C - HUD Income Limits for Upcoming Program Year
Attachment D - Citizen Participation Plan
Attachment E - Citizen Request Form - English
Attachment E - Citizen Request Form - Spanish
Attachment F - Community Performance Benchmarks
Attachment G - ESG Program Certification
Attachment H - ESG Written Standards Certifications
Attachment I - Faith-Based Organization Guidelines
Attachment J - HMIS Policies and Procedures
Attachment K - Instructions to Obtain Certificate of Account Status
Attachment L - Instructions to Obtain SAM Record Status
Attachment M - Letter of Intent for CDBG Services + HOPWA
Attachment N - Project Concept Form
Attachment O - Public Facilities Application

NOTE: Other applications will be provided at the scheduled training workshop. For more information, refer to the 48th Year Policies and Procedures.

48th Year DCHD Services Application And Attachments

DCHD Services Application Link and Instructions
CDBG Proposal Narrative
HOPWA Proposal Questions + Narrative
Outcome Statement Worksheet
CDBG Budget Forms
HOPWA Budget Forms
Partner Supplement Form
Authorization to Submit Online Application
CDBG Services Scorecard
HOPWA Scorecard