Office of the Comptroller

About Fiscal Operations

The Fiscal Operations division of the Office of the Comptrollers comprised of the following functions:

Accounts Payable – manages the daily administration and processing of vouchers and the related payments to the vendors of the City. Process all refunds and reimbursements as necessary.

Accounts Receivable – manages the daily processing of payments received by the City, completes the City Hall deposit to the bank, and application of payments to the proper account. Process billings for all City departments which do not have staff for invoicing of charges.

Payroll – manages the processing of paycheck to City employees bi-weekly and City Retirees on a monthly basis. Prepares and remits all applicable payments relating to deductions from the payroll checks as well as managing the payroll tax reporting in a timely manner.

General Accounting – manages the processing of necessary journal entries and reconciliations relating to the accounting system utilized by the City of El Paso. This includes managing the reporting of property taxes, revenues, agency funds and Hotel/Motel tax administration.


Capital Assets – manages the capital assets necessary to safeguard City assets and ensure compliance with regulations. Manages the City auction of surplus items retired from service within the City.

Debt Service – manages and reports on the outstanding debt of the City. This includes reviewing and preparing all reporting requirements relating to debt compliance.

Financial Reporting – responsible for the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the City of El Paso and preparation of the monthly fund financial statements. Manages the annual financial audit and monthly Pension Fund financial statements.


Cashier/Customer Service – performs all of the cashiering duties for City Hall departments and directs visitors to the appropriate City Hall departments.