Office of the Comptroller


The Payroll area seeks to ensure the accurate processing of all payroll disbursements for active City employees and retired employees in accordance with the established City policies and procedures. The Office of the Comptroller does the utmost to maintain high compliance, increase payroll proficiency and be penalty-free. Payroll processing includes the coordination and management of systems input data, reporting, and reconciliation of all payroll transactions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), and Texas Workers Commission (TWC). Payroll operations provide administrative and accounting support in the areas of: garnishment payments, voluntary deductions, year end forms, and focuses on providing high quality customer service at all levels.

The Payroll section also processes and updates the monthly Pension Module to maintain updated information on the employee’s and employer’s pension contributions that are required by the City Pension Administration.

Payroll is dedicated in promoting professional development and providing training to staff employees and other City departments in order to assist in the areas of: implementation of new projects, use of the PeopleSoft Payroll Systems, understanding polices and procedures, providing information regarding federal and state tax regulations and non-voluntary garnishments.

Payroll is always looking into promoting new technology in order to reduce processing cost, have the freedom to do more, and use available resources in the areas where needed.


Payroll Functions include


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Payroll Accounting Manager

Edward Earickson
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