Environmental Services

Sign Abatement

The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department through its Beautification Program removes signs placed in parkways that violate city ordinances. Signs, such as those for a garage or yard sale, are allowed on a parkway but certain rules must be followed.

A permit is not required to place a sign on a parkway. However, the sign must be portable because it has to be removed on a daily basis. Other sign requirements include how it’s constructed, the material used to make it and the size. Residents who fail to comply with sign regulations are subject to City enforcement which may include a citation and a fine.

The ordinances related to signs on parkways can be found online in Title 20 of the municipal code.

Additional questions on sign regulations for parkways can be answered by viewing Title 20 of the El Paso municipal code online or by calling the Code Compliance Division at (915) 212-0134.