Environmental Services

Automotive & Special Waste

Automotive Waste

The Greater El Paso Landfill accepts small quantities of automotive waste from residential customers.

Auto Fill Waste

Customers may dispose up to 5 gallons of oil per visit. The landfill also accepts other materials such as, used oil filters, batteries and anti-freeze, if quantities are of normal household use.
The landfill will not accept automotive waste from businesses or commercial haulers.

Special Waste Acceptance Procedures

Certain special waste may require analysis and TCEQ approval prior to receiving authorization for disposal at the landfill.  Examples of these special waste include railroad ties or utility poles, contaminated soils, incinerator ash, and certain other waste requiring special handling and as defined by TCEQ.  Disposal of special waste must be coordinated through the landfill manager by contacting 621-6706.  Following coordination with the landfill manager, this form must be completed and submitted to TCEQ.  The disposal of special waste must be approved in writing by both the Landfill Manager and TCEQ prior to acceptance.

Note: The following waste shall be identified to the landfill cashier at the time of disposal for special handling and/or verification of documentation