Environmental Services

Mosquito & Rat Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are known carriers (vectors) of many diseases harmful to humans, including the West Nile Virus, which can prove deadly to children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.  In an effort to control the breeding of mosquitoes and to minimize their impact on area residents, the following activities are conducted in the El Paso area:

Rat Control

Rats are known vectors of many diseases dangerous to humans, so proper controls must be put in place to minimize their presence and travel within buildings in El Paso.  Persons who are responsible for businesses in the City are required to follow certain requirements to prevent harboring of rats and the entry of rats onto the premises.  Vector control conducts inspections to enforce the provisions of the El Paso City Code, Chapter 9.28 (Rat Control) to ensure that these methods are being followed by business owners in the City.

Other Inspections and Activities

In addition to the inspections and activities listed above, the vector control team also frequently encounters the following issues: