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Vector Control

Vector Control in the Greater El Paso Community

The City of El Paso's Vector Control Program takes a proactive approach protecting the El Paso community and surrounding municipalities by controlling and eradicating mosquitos. Additionally, the team is responsible for addressing concerns related to stagnant water and confirming possible rodent and select insect infestations (ticks and fleas, excluding bees). 

A vector is defined as any agent (person, animal, or micro-organism) that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism. 

The Vector Control Program focuses on:

The Vector Control Team also provides educational outreach to the community. The team participates in community events such as career days and health fairs, providing preventative steps and information to stop the spread of vector related diseases. If you would like to request the Vector Control program for an event or presentation, please call 915.212.6000.

Vector Control Map

Vector Control & Bees

Vector Control understands that bees are a vital part of the ecosystem and advocates for their relocation whenever possible as an alternative to eradication. Vector Control does not provide services for the removal of bees due to state regulations nor does the team provide extermination services or address concerns regarding wasps. The Vector Control Program does not respond to cases of gnats and flies or other pest removal services.  


Citizens in El Paso County are fortunate enough to take advantage of locally grown food. This is why farmers in the area should make it a priority to help combat mosquito infestations on their farmlands. Mosquitos are a threat to livestock, pets, and workers. Mosquitos can transmit diseases that hinder milk production, affect horses, goats, and dogs. For more information on preventative steps please click on the link below.