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About Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) reviews any proposed modification to the exterior of a building or site located within one of our nine historic districts or independent historic structures. Owning a designated property does not mean you cannot update some of the building’s dated elements. If your building is a locally designated landmark or resides within one of our historic districts you are required to have proposed changes that affect the exterior of your property reviewed and approved by either the Historic Landmark Commission or Administrative Review approval by the Historic Preservation Office. 

Typical reviews conducted by the HPO include landscaping, painting, re-roofing, repair of walks, driveways, fences, and replacement of windows and doors.   The city’s preservation program recognizes the need for contemporary and economical use of historic buildings and the design review process was put in place to balance the historic qualities with the demands of today. Many successful projects have resulted from the collaboration of the Historic Landmark Commission and property owners, and the more you know about the process before beginning your project, the simpler it will be. To verify if your building is locally designated please contact Providencia Velazquez at (915) 212-1567. 

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