Streets & Maintenance

Street Operations

Medians Division

The Department of Transportation maintains over 50 miles of landscaped and 40 miles of non-landscaped medians, city wide. These medians contain a variety of landscaping plans from low maintenance rock to irrigated areas with trees and grass. The citywide inventory of landscaped medians is maintained by a dedicated staff, including certified irrigators, herbicide applicators and installers. Non-landscaped medians are maintained by the local street maintenance crews.


Street Sweeping

The City of El Paso operates one of the most comprehensive sweeping programs in the region. This program meets PM10 regulations for air quality as outlined by the State Implementation Plan.

The Sweeping program has moved to provide a high level of service throughout the City in support of community cleanups, civic functions and dedicated service to the most highly traveled corridors within the City.

The sweeping program sweeps over 35,000 curb miles annually of roadway each year, every street is covered a minimum of four times annually with the Great Streets (Montana, Dyer, Mesa, North Loop and Alameda) being covered completely every two weeks and the Downtown area being swept four times per week. Bike lanes are swept once a month.

Street Maintenance

Considered to be the primary focus of the Department of Transportation are the various asphalt maintenance procedures that are performed. The most visible of which is the pothole patching function, performed by seven work crews with specialized trucks, these crews patch more than 200,000 square feet of City streets a year.

The most cost-effective maintenance program we perform is the annual crack sealing activity, which is seasonally linked to the colder months. This program extends the life of paved surfaces by sealing the surface and increasing the ride quality. More than 270,000 linear feet of City streets are maintained yearly by two specialized crews using trailer mounted crack sealers.