Tax Office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my balance?

You may find this by using FIND ACCOUNT INFO for your property.

2. How do I pay my taxes?

Please go to the PAY YOUR TAXES page for more information.

3. What is the appraised value/legal description?

Please contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2131 or at

4. Am I getting all my exemptions?

You may verify your current exemption status by using FIND ACCOUNT INFO for your property.

Please contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District (EPCAD) at 915-780-2131 or for additional exemption information.

5. How do I update property ownership, change of mailing address, etc.?

Please contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District (EPCAD) at 915-780-2131 or

6. Where are you sending the bills?

Tax bills are sent to the property owner unless the bill is requested by a tax agent or a mortgage company.

7. What is the amount of the last payment received and by whom?

You may find this by using FIND ACCOUNT INFO for your property.

8. After making my $XX payment, why is there still a balance of $XX?

Penalties and interest continue to accrue monthly as long as the account remains delinquent.

9. Why are my taxes so high?

Property taxes are determined by three factors: (1) the appraised value of the property; (2) the tax rates adopted by the various units that levy tax; and (3) exemptions, if any.

10. Am I due a refund?

Please go to the TOP SERVICES page and select ARE YOU DUE A REFUND?

11. How do I apply for a refund?

Please go to the FORMS page and submit an Application For A Tax Refund.

12. What kind of payment arrangements can I make?

Please go to the PAYMENT PLANS page for more information.

13. Can penalties be waived?

State law only allows the waiving of penalties and interest in very limited circumstances.      
See Texas Property Tax Code 33.01 and 33.011 for more information.

14. How do I get a tax certificate?

There are 3 types of tax certificates:

1) the 18-month certificate for mobile homes
2) the tax certificate for all other properties, and
3) the certificate of eligibility for bidders at property tax sales.

To obtain a certificate:

1) all taxes due must be paid
(including escrow payment for the current year for mobile home accounts)
2) must provide 15-digit geo number
3) pay the $10 tax certificate fee, and
4) mobile homes must provide serial or label number.

Certificates may be obtained at the City of El Paso Tax Office at
221 North Kansas, Suite 300 (Wells Fargo Plaza).

15. How do I request a Tax Certificate on-line?


  • Enter FEES in the search box
  • Click on Search
  • Click on 95
  • Click on Pay Now
  • Select Payment Method (Pay by E-check Now or Pay by Credit/Debit Card Now – disregard the account balance that is posted on the screen)
  • Select Pay a different amount – enter $10.00, Next (or amount total, $10.00 per certificate)
  • Follow the payment screens to submit payment

Upon completion of payment, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Prop Id(s) for requested Tax Certificate(s)
  • Name and address of who the Tax Certificate(s) will be “Issued To”
  • Mailing address for the original Tax Certificate(s)
  • Screen shot of Payment Confirmation

Once the payment has posted, usually within one business day, the Tax Certificate(s) will be emailed directly to the requestor and the original(s) sent via USPS to the requested mailing address.