Veteran Resources

Family & Caregiver

Mi Casa Children's Care Centers
(915) 533-7475

Provides a healthy, safe learning environment for the children while their parents are seeking employment, going to school, training, or working.

Center for Children (Runaway Center)
Emergency Shelter
(915) 565-8361

24 emergency shelter for runaways and emergency foster care.

Military Veteran Peer Network

We are a team comprised of veterans, family members and advocates who are dedicated to creating positive environments for the veteran community through shared experiences and support. The MVPN provides a network where veterans from all eras can meet, share and stay connected.

The MVPN offers free and confidential support groups for veterans, soldiers and family members. We also provide opportunities for veterans and families to find support through MVPN social events and volunteer opportunities. Along with peer support services we also act as a guide to community resources.