City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office provides timely, cost-efficient, quality legal services to support the City Council, City Manager, and City staff in fulfilling their missions and implementing policy.

City Attorney

We strive to advance, advocate, and safeguard the interests of the City in accordance with applicable law. To uphold this we research and provide advice, opinions and recommendations on legal issues that come before the City with some examples being:

  • Draft municipal ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.
  • Provide advice to City boards, committees, commissions, and City Council Legislative Review Committees.
  • Advise Mayor, City Council, City Manager and other City officials of pending legislation and assist in drafting proposals for legislation in areas of concern to the City of El Paso.
  • Provide legal advice on state and federal grants.
  • Process claims on behalf of the City and against the City.

Any member of the public is able to request any open record kept with the City by submitting an Open Records Request.

Contact Us

300 N. Campbell St. El Paso, Texas 79901
(915) 212-0033
(915) 212-0034 (facsimile)
[email protected]

P.O. Box 1890
El Paso, Texas 79901

You may file claims at: [email protected]
Questions related to pending municipal court cases at: [email protected] or by calling.

Complaint Forms

A complaint form must be completed, signed, sworn to and returned to the City Attorney's Office before your complaint can be evaluated. You can send your complaint(s) to [email protected]

Cover Sheet - Instructions

General Complaint Form

Noise Complaint Form

Traffic Complaint Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the City Attorney, the County Attorney, and the District Attorney?

The City Attorney is the lawyer for the city government and when the city is sued they appear in court as defense counsel. When the city’s interests are infringed, the City Attorney files suit to protect them. The City Attorney also serves as legal counsel to all City officials and departments in the course of their official business, drafting ordinances and regulations, reviewing contracts and providing other legal advice.

The County Attorney is the lawyer for the county government. The District Attorney investigates and prosecutes criminal activity on behalf of the State of Texas.

I would like to submit an open records request, what do I need to do?
If you are looking to submit an Open Records Request please visit the Open Records Requests management and tracking system.

Does the City hire outside counsel?
From time to time, the El Paso City Attorney's Office may need to retain the services of outside counsel. If you or your firm are interested in serving as outside counsel for the City of El Paso, please submit a cover letter which identifies areas of legal expertise to our P.O. Box. Please be advised that the standard conflict of interests checks will be done. Outside Counsel will be asked to sign a letter of engagement or professional services agreement.

Does the City Attorney represent private citizens?
No. The City Attorney does not represent individuals in private legal matters. Attorneys in the office represent City officials and departments in the course of their official business. Referrals for other legal matters can be found in the Contact Us section.