The Strategic Communications Office serves as the City of El Paso’s communications, marketing and media relations office. The office works with each City Department and Program to develop and implement integrated communication strategies that support the City of El Paso Mission, Vision, and Values.

Strategic Communications Office

The City of El Paso’s Strategic Communications Office can assist media personnel with requests for information; requests to interview City personnel or arrange requests for photo/video shoots on City property. Call or email us with your name, outlet, deadline, and story idea or request to start an inquiry. The department strives to achieve the City’s Goal 5 to promote transparent and consistent communication amongst all members of the community and support Goal 6 to set the standard for sound governance and fiscal management. 

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City Branding

The City of El Paso Design System provides brand identity and application components to maintain a consistent look with the City brand.

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Facets of the Communications Department

Working with Media
Media requests for information and interviews, promoting City news and services, sending out press releases, media training for City staff.

Photography and Videography
Photography and video production for media, marketing, and promotional materials, as well as multimedia platforms including City TV, print, web, electronic display boards, and social media.

Graphic Design
Brochures, banners, print or electronic ads, programs, invitations, maps, and other print or digital projects.

Consultation on the use of the official City of El Paso graphic identity elements, including the development of logos and campaigns for City departments, services, events, and programming while incorporating the City’s primary branding.

Web Development
Website design and development for City related departments and affiliations.

Social Media
Content for the City’s official social media channels, training, and consultation on social media guidelines and best practices for secondary social media sites maintained by departments, events, programs, and other City campaigns.

Coordination of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to leverage unified messages and available resources for City departments, services, events, and programs.

City Media Directory

Some internal service departments may not be listed. If you are unsure who to contact please call or email the Strategic Communications Director.

Name Reporting Departments
Laura Cruz Acosta
Strategic Communications Director
(915) 212-1071 (Office)
(915) 491-0758 (Cell)
[email protected]
Soraya Ayub
Communications Officer
(915) 212-1040 (Office)
(915) 781-4386 (Cell)
[email protected]
  • Community & Human Development
  • Economic & International Development
  • Human Resources
  • Military & Veteran Affairs
  • Planning & Inspections
  • Public Health
  • Purchasing
  • Tax Office
Rick Isaias
Communications Officer
(915) 212-1077 (Office)
(915) 355-6611 (Cell)
[email protected]
  • Libraries
  • Municipal Court
  • Museums & Cultural Affairs
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  • Your City in 5
Tammy Fonce
Communications Officer
(915) 212-1201 (Office)
(915) 873-1974 (Cell)
[email protected]
  • Airport
  • Capital Improvement
  • Environmental Services
  • International Bridges
  • Streets & Maintenance
  • Sun Metro
Enrique Duenas-Aguilar
Public Safety Comms Manager

(915) 212-5665 (Office)
(915) 317-8943 (Cell)
[email protected]
  • Fire
  • Animal Services
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • 911 Communications
Sgt. Robert Gomez
Sgt. Javier Sambrano
Det. Judy Oviedo
Ofc. Adrian Cisneros

[email protected]
  • Police