Veteran Resources

Veteran & Military Affairs

The Division of Veteran and Military Affairs will serve as a liaison between the City of El Paso, Fort Bliss and other outside agencies, including but not limited to, federal, state and local Military organizations. The office will provide guidance, direction and coordination of Regional Military Issues and Veterans related issues.

Veteran & Military Affairs


General Duties

  • Serve as a Liaison for the City's Veteran Affairs Committee, Departments, Community Organizations, Businesses and Media to publicize services.
  • Advise and assist Veterans in matters pertaining to their rights and benefits under law.
  • Respond to requests for information and provide guidance on eligibility and entitlement requirements for federal, state, and local Veterans services, programs or benefits.
  • Counsel advise and explain to the City's large Veteran population current laws and regulations for federal, state and local Veteran's services, benefits and / or programs.

Advisory Committee

The Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee (VAAC) exists to serve as a source of information, review and strengthen veteran programs and services, stimulate public awareness, and report the status of activities for El Paso's large veteran population. The VAAC shall consist of 9 members appointed by the Mayor and each City Council Representative. The El Paso County Veteran’s Affairs Coordinator shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee and serve in an advisory capacity to the Committee.

The VAAC holds monthly meetings on the 3rd Friday of a given month, except for the month of December. A minimum of 5 members must be present in order to hold a meeting. The duties of the VAAC are as follows:

  1. Serve as a source of information related to the status, resources and services available within the El Paso community to the City's large veteran population.
  2. Identify and review the entire range of services currently available to veterans and recommend ways to strengthen such services, to include the promotion of collaboration among Service Providers.
  3. Evaluate and recommend programs, policies and practices designed to alleviate veterans' difficulties in meeting basic needs related to transportation, housing, employment and other areas affecting veterans in the city.
  4. Stimulate awareness among the public and private sector of veterans' full potential and of the importance of veterans' contributions to the sustainability and development of our community.
  5. Report status of activities to City Council on a semi-annual basis.

Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee Bylaws

Qualifications & Members

The persons appointed to this Committee shall either be veterans of the United States Armed Forces or the spouses or domestic partners of a veteran and should have an interest in improving the everyday life of our military veterans.

All commissioners will serve 4 year terms. Members shall not serve more than 2 consecutive terms. Appointments to vacancies that occur other than by expiration of a member's term of office shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor and City Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. Committee membership is not transferable or assignable.

The current VAAC members are:

Name Date Appointed Date Expires Appointed By Type

Biegel, Bruce

11/14/2017 7/1/2023 District 6 R
Bohannon, Jonathan 7/20/2021 6/29/2025 District 4 R
Butler, Laura A 3/31/2020 5/4/2023 District 5 R
Harcrow, Melissa 8/3/2021 10/3/2023 District 8 R
Hopper, Tephanie 3/2/2021 9/7/2023 District 1 R
Jackson, Hope 8/6/2019 7/20/2023 District 2 R
Lehr, Lance 11/14/2017 6/15/2023 Mayor R
Montelongo, Efren 11/14/2017 6/9/2019 -other- R
Parrott, Don 1/21/2020 9/5/2023 District 3 R
Rotti, Justin 3/17/2020 10/19/2023 District 7 R