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PSSD's mission is to facilitate the procurement of goods and services in an open, fair, transparent, economically competitive and respectful process with the goal of maximizing tax payers’ dollars. Therein promoting and fostering a climate of good business relationships between our suppliers and the City.

Core Functions & Responsibilities

The PSSD is the primary agency responsible for Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management, Workshops & Expos, and Socio-Economic Programs. Our department works jointly with the various City departments in developing:

  • Procurement of Goods & Services/Construction Services
  • Consulting & advanced procurement planning services
  • Vendor Management
  • The Cooperative Purchasing Expo
  • EP Marketplace
  • Hiring El Paso First Socio-Economic Program

Our department also provides internal and external workshops and training relating to contract administration, bid and proposal preparation, and vendor outreach.

2023 Award Winner

Achievement of Excellence in Procurement


2022 award winner excellence in procurement


Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

The e-Procurement was designed to help suppliers to do business with the City in an easier and more efficient way by increasing transparency and reducing the amount of paperwork required.

We continually seek suppliers and contractors who can provide quality products and services at competitive prices. The PSSD uses competitive bidding procedures to select suppliers and encourages supplier participation in our bidding activities.

We follow our Procurement and Sourcing Policy which describes our guidelines for conducting any procurement and related activities.

Online bidding opportunities Closed & Awarded (Legacy System)

Procurement Forecast

Vendor Management

We serve as the primary point of contact between suppliers and the City of El Paso. We will help suppliers navigate and understand the City’s procurement processes, including the different ways of doing business with the City of El Paso, help suppliers add and maintain supplier’s profiles information into the City of El Paso’s financial system for awarded contracts.


Joining PaymentWorks as a Payee is a requirement to receive payment from the City of El Paso. PaymentWorks is a Business Identity Management platform that the City is using to verify your identity and ensure compliance.

PaymentWorks mitigates the risk associated with manually collecting your information by eliminating the collection of documents through fax, email, snail mail, or in person, and providing a secure repository for all this information.

Once you submit your information in the portal through the City of El Paso’s registration form, and it is approved by the City of El Paso, you will receive an email notification that your registration has been approved and be eligible to receive payment.

Once you become a Payee, PaymentWorks allows you to self-manage your profile to update business addresses, banking information, etc.

New Registrations

Secure links will be sent by invitation only. Individuals and companies may also be asked to register as a vendor for non-procurement related business with the City for reporting and payment purposes.

Already Registered?

Only one vendor account is allowed per federal taxpayer ID number. If you believe you or a colleague have registered before, please use the Retrieve Username/Reset Password links or email the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department at [email protected] for assistance.

PaymentWorks Login

City of El Paso E-Marketplace

The EP MarketPlace is an electronic catalog system similar to an Amazon store where suppliers with awarded coop contracts under approved cooperative programs, will be available to offer their goods, and services to all 28 departments, over 400 suppliers are currently participating in the EP MarketPlace and up to fiscal year 2022, over 33,800 purchase orders totaling up to $167.7 million have been issued.

Suppliers with an awarded cooperative contract are encouraged to join our EP Marketplace, it is completely free. The following are the approved cooperative programs:

  • BuyBoard
  • DIR – Department of Information Resources
  • DPS – Division of Purchases and Supply
  • GSA – U.S. General Service Administration
  • Harris County Department of Education Cooperative
  • HGAC – Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • OMNIA Partners
  • Region 19 – Allied States Cooperative
  • PEPPM – Pennsylvania Educational Purchasing Program for Microcomputers
  • TASB – Texas Association of School Boards
  • Tarrant County Cooperative
  • TIPS – The International Purchasing System
  • TPASS – Texas Procurement and Supportive Services
  • TXMAS – Texas Multiple Award Schedule


Hire El Paso First

We recognize that the foundation of a strong local economy are programs to encourage businesses to locate within the local area of the City of El Paso and to hire El Paso residents as employees. The Texas Legislature has amended Texas Local Government Code Sections 271.905 and 271.9051 to allow for the City’s consideration of location of a bidder’s principal place of business when awarding certain contracts. With this amendment and in the interest of economic development opportunities for the City of El Paso, our division has implemented the Hire El Paso First – Local Business Purchasing Preference Policy in order to infuse additional dollars into the local economy.

Business Directory Certification Registration