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The purpose of the Architectural & Engineering Professional Services (AEPS) procedure is to establish general guidelines for conducting any architectural and engineering professional work by and for the City. Firms interested in submitting a Statement of Qualifications are to follow the requirements outlined in the RFQ.

Solicitation Number Title Link to RFQ Link to Docs. RFQ Due Date Amendment No. Amendment Date Q&A
2024-021R **New** Architect & Engineering Services for the Construction of the Doniphan Citizen Collection Station View RFQ Exhibit B 12/08/23 N/A N/A View Q&A
2024-0198R **New** Engineering & Design Services for the Resler Blvd. Extension Project  View RFQ N/A  12/06/23 

Amendment 1

11/6/2023 View Q&A
2024-0199R **New** Engineering & Design Services for the Airway Blvd. Extension Project  View RFQ  N/A 12/06/23 

Amendment 1
Amendment 2

11/6/2023 11/6/2023 View Q&A