Community & Human Development

Housing Rehabilitation

Housing Rehabilitation, Minor Home Repair ProgramThe Department of Community and Human Development offers services to assist with housing repairs to eligible, income-qualified, El Paso families who own and occupy their homes.

Assistance is also available to investors for the repair or development of affordable rental units.

Minor Home Repair Program - Funds are available up to $15,000 to address repairs that pose an immediate threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the occupants or to meet accessibility standards.

Residential Sewer Connection - Provides special assistance for the initial connection to local sewer collection lines within the El Paso City limits.

Investor-owned Rental Development Program - Assistance is available during the funding cycle to develop and/or repair affordable rental units.

Single-Family Housing Rehabilitation - Provides zero-interest loans for basic repairs in your home. These loans, for amounts up to $65,000 can be repaid and/or deferred for up to 30 years.

Loans for senior citizens and disabled offers:

  • 15-Year Forgivable Deferred Payment Loan that is forgiven 1/15th each year.
  • Accessibility assistance – up to $20,000 extra
  • Lead/Asbestos /Mold Abatement – up to $20,000 extra
  • Historic Preservation compliance – up to $10,000 extra

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How to Qualify

You must have owned and occupied your home a minimum of 3 years prior to applying for assistance.

  • Your home must be within the El Paso City limits.
  • Your home value cannot exceed $141,150 after repairs.
  • The house must be in repairable condition.
  • Your family income cannot exceed the following guidelines:​
Size of Family Maximum 80% Median Income
1 33,000
2 37,700
3 42,400
4 47,100
5 50,900
6 54,650
7 58,450
8 or more 62,200