Community Progress

Answering the call for Safer Streets, more Accessible Parks, and a Climate Action Plan.

2022 Community Progress Bond

After extensive meetings and surveys engaging thousands of residents, the El Paso City Council has approved placing the 2022 Community Progress Bond on the November 8, 2022 ballot. On the ballot are three propositions for funding that focus on issues residents have said are most important: Streets, Parks, and a Climate Action Plan.

Presented here are the three propositions that make up  this 10-year bond package, along with how it could affect property taxes.

Election Day is November 8, 2022, and Early Voting is October 24-November 4, 2022.

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Proposition A: Streets Infrastructure Focus
Proposition B: Parks and Recreation Facilities
Proposition C: Climate Action Plan
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Proposition A: Streets Infrastructure Focus

Improvements and enhancements to street infrastructure is the largest part of the bond package. Proposition A includes many projects that will have a long-term impact on the everyday lives of El Pasoans.

What You Get

  • Paving, resurfacing, or reconstruction work on segments of El Paso’s 50 most-traveled arterial roadway
  • Upgrades of selected streets to “Complete Street” status. Complete Streets are those that are planned and maintained to enable safe and convenient travel as well as allowing access for all modes of transportation
  • Upgrades to selected sidewalks, streetscapes, traffic controls, and intersections as part of the arterial programs
  • Funding for $3.5 million annual allocation for resurfacing of residential streets
  • $52 million for Street Connectivity to include Airway, Resler, and Montwood extensions
  • Traffic safety initiatives that include a 10-year plan for the design and construction of traffic signal intersections

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Which streets will be improved?

The City will focus on streets with poor and problematic road conditions driven by data. Streets will be chosen based on a national standard for street conditions, the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) residential streets are reevaluated by El Paso City Council every two years as opposed to arterial streets which are already identified and prioritized based on a combination of pavement condition and traffic volumes.

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The cost for Proposition A is $237 million.


Different streets of el paso

Streets Infrastructure  
Top 50 – Resurfacing and Reconstruction $135,000,000
Residential Resurfacing $35,000,000
Connectivity $52,000,000
Intersection Safety - Traffic Signals $15,000,000

Proposition B: Parks & Recreation Facilities

Addressing the needs of many El Paso families, Proposition B will provide funding for projects designed to enhance the comfort, beauty, and accessibility of El Paso’s recreation spaces.

Priority will be given to sites based on the following criteria: equity, facility use, data, address service gaps, and location in higher-populated areas where parks are used the most.

What You Get

  • A new, regional, community All-Abilities Playground for children of all abilities to play, learn and grow together. While the location has not been selected, it will be located in an area most convenient to residential neighborhoods.
  • Eight additional shade structures (one or more per district) for playgrounds, picnic areas, benches, and bleachers
  • Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) funding for small-scale neighborhood projects

The cost of Proposition B is $20 million.

Girl playing on a playground

Parks & Recreational Facilities  
All-Abilities Playground $10,000,000
Shade Structures $5,000,000
Neighborhood Improvement Program $5,000,000

Proposition C: Climate Action Plan

Like the rest of the country, our City is confronted with several major environmental problems exacerbated by climate change. Since 2016, our community has experienced five of its warmest years, with 2021 being our ninth-warmest year on record. And during last year’s winter storm, El Pasoans saw temperatures drop as low as 14 degrees. Additionally, we have experience issues related to flooding and ongoing challenges related to the water supply. Proposition C will help El Paso better address these climate issues by focusing on the latest advances in green infrastructure, policy, and technology, as well as build our City’s eligibility to receive federal funding to assist with these challenges.

What You Get

  • Dedicated committees to develop strategies to prevent and manage flooding in commercial and residential areas
  • Installation of more charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Assistance in helping buildings become more energy efficient
  • Financial incentives for homeowners who use solar energy
  • More green spaces and increased tree canopy throughout El Paso
  • More bike paths and pedestrian walkways

The cost for Proposition C is $5 million

Mockup of new bike and walking lanes

Climate Change  
Climate Action and Urban Energy Plan
and Implementation