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Love Your Block

2023 Mini-Grant Applications for the Angels Triangle/Mountain View North, Five Points East, Washington/Delta, and Cedar Grove/Stiles Garden neighborhoods are now open. You can find the neighborhood boundaries on the map below. 


Supported by the City of El Paso and Cities of Service, the Love Your Block program provides mini-grants to residents, community members, and organizations to support neighborhood revitalization through volunteerism and small-scale projects, one block at a time. The goal is for each project selected to improve residents’ quality of life, promote a high level of community engagement and address/support a neighborhood concern or initiative.

Neighborhoods of Focus Map Love Your Block Volunteer Registration Form

Love Your Block El Paso
Contact Information:

[email protected]
(915) 212-1651


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Program Details

How it Works:

Grant applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Love Your Block grants may not exceed $2,500 for volunteer-driven, neighborhood project proposals.
  • Grant funding is strictly allocated for projects that take place within the Year 2 neighborhoods of focus:
    • Angels Triangle/Mountain View North
    • Five Points East
    • Washington/Delta
    • Cedar Grove/Styles Garden
  • Once a grant application is submitted, a City staff member will be in touch within 5-7 business days to discuss your proposal.
  • All project proposals are subject to program review; submitting an application does not guarantee project approval or funding.
  • All awarded projects must be completed no later than December 9th, 2023.

Project Examples:

  • Neighborhood Clean-Ups
  • Vacant Lot Activation
  • Historic Preservation Project
  • Exterior Home Repairs
  • Community Art/Mural Installation
  • Miniature Reading Library

We encourage applicants to be creative in thinking of ways to revitalize their neighborhoods!

Obligations of Mini-Grant Recipients:

  • A minimum of 5 volunteers from the neighborhoods of focus are required for each project to demonstrate community buy-in and engagement; the more volunteers the better!
  • Attend a project coordination and budget meeting to discuss and solidify plans, logistics, and dates for community workday(s) before project implementation.
  • Signed and executed Love Your Block Grantee agreements: these will be drafted and provided by City staff.
  • If the proposed project is taking place on private property, the grant application must include the property owner’s contact information.


Evaluation Criteria:

The Love Your Block (LYB) team will consider the strength of the application based on the following:

  • Community Impact & Sustainability Plan: This is a critical factor in the competitiveness of an application. The LYB team is seeking to partner with residents to revitalize and strengthen El Paso neighborhoods over several years. A strong grant application will indicate future plans for how neighbors will improve their physical and social blocks. It is a key component of the sustainability plan to include how the property owner(s) and residents will be involved and how the project will benefit the community.
  • Volunteer-Led: Groups that demonstrate how they will work together and assist each other in their block improvements are more competitive. It is encouraged to recruit neighborhood volunteers to help assist with the improvements. Volunteers are an essential part of these projects; therefore, it is very important that applicants consider having volunteers when applying.
  • Clustered Properties: Applications that call for property improvements that take place in a concentrated area are more likely to be funded than applications where houses are separated by great distances. We encourage applicants to speak to their neighbors and/or community partners to discuss applying together, if possible.
  • Public Space/Vacant Land Activation: Applications that propose improvements on public spaces or pieces of land that are neglected to turn them into something great are strongly encouraged.

Funds May Be Used For:

Grant funding may be used for the resources needed to complete the proposed project. Examples include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Gallons of paint, brushes, rollers, trays, etc
  • Lumber
  • Cement
  • Tools
  • Water/snacks

Funds May Not Be Used For:

Interior home/property improvements, administration of mini-grant to another person or organization, political events, alcoholic beverages, entertainment, rent or utilities, speaker fees, computer equipment, scholarships or other direct support to individuals or families, improvement projects that primarily serve churches and/or other religious organizations and not the overall community, and items or services for personal use.

For any questions, assistance in filling out your grant application, or additional information regarding Love Your Block, please email or call:
[email protected]
(915) 212-1651