Planning & Inspections

Effective October 30, 2023 the One Stop Shop hours have changed, please see Hours of Operation.

About Special Events

The City of El Paso welcomes the opportunity to host and facilitate events on the City right-of-way and private property. Located in the One Stop Shop, City Special Events coordinates the permitting process to host events on City streets and on private property.

The Event Permit Application is used for the following events: Parades, Temporary Events and Special Events. You will need to obtain all Health/Food, Park and Private Property permits separately.

To ensure your event is permitted in a timely manner and to avoid late fees, we highly encourage you to submit your application as early as 1 year to 30 days prior to your event date.


Downtown Special Events

If your event takes place in the El Paso Downtown Plan Area and does NOT qualify as a Parade, you will need to obtain a special event permit from the Downtown Management District. To determine if your event is part of the El Paso Downtown Plan, please see the Downtown Plan Map. Please contact DMD at (915) 400-2294 or visit their website.


Budgetary Limitations

The number of sponsorships and amount of funding are restricted and may vary from year-to-year depending on budgetary limitations. Award amounts may cover all or a portion of City-related costs associated with event production; any portion of City-related costs that are not covered by the award amount will be invoiced to the event producer following the event and payment will be due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice.

An organization may apply for funds for consecutive years; however, there are no guarantees that a sponsorship will be carried over from one year to another. An exception may be made in the case of events that have taken place in El Paso for ten or more years; funding requests and approval for multi-year event agreements may be accommodated through the City’s annual budgeting process in lieu of an annual application.

Applicants requesting an event's closure exceeding four hours on a Texas Department of Transportation roadway, please have the application submitted 90 days prior to the event's closure for processing.



Applications will be accepted from May 1 - 31, 2023.