Parks & Recreation


Shelters, Pavilions, Open Reserves & Parks

  1. Where can I get information to rent a shelter, pavilion, open reserves or park? 
    View pricing information. If you need additional clarification please call (915) 212-0092 Monday thru Thursday 7:00am to 6:00pm.

  2. Can I reserve a shelter, pavilion, open reserve or park online? 
    No, reservations must be made in person in the parks administration office located at 801 Texas Ave. Reservations for city parks must be approved in advance. Applications are available online on the Department webpage under Park Permit Application.

  3. What do I need to reserve a shelter, pavilion, open reserve or park? 
    You must present valid state identification (photo id) and pay the balance in full* to the parks administration office located in downtown El Paso at the City Hall building, 2 Civic Center Plaza 6th Floor. *If you are making a reservation within 30 days of your event, the balance must be paid in full. The balance can only be transferred to another park facility. Reservations will not be accepted under two weeks. If you are making a reservation from 31 days to a year before your event, you must pay half the balance in order to reserve your location. The remaining amount will be due 30 days before the event or reservation will be forfeited.

  4. When reserving a shelter, open reserve and pavilion and I want to cancel my reservation, can I get a refund? 
    Fees paid-to date will be refunded, except for the administration fee of $7.00, for cancellation of a park rental agreement thirty days or more in advance of the use date. City policy makes it necessary that all rental or other refunds be made by check issued by the City Comptroller. It takes approximately 14 to 21 working days (3 weeks) to process and mail a refund check. Fees paid-to date will be forfeited for cancellation less than thirty days of the permit use date. The reservation may be transferred to an alternate date at the same shelter or a different but comparable shelter (if available) within 3 months, but no sooner than 2 weeks prior to the original date. A $7.00 administration fee will apply to the new permit.

  5. Where can I get a permit to sell items at a city park (i.e. Mobile vendors, etc.)? 
    Selling in public parks is prohibited by City ordinance with the exception of vendors who obtain a concession agreement. Call (915) 351-1320 for more information on concession agreements.

  6. Can you ride a bike on paved park pathways? 
    Yes, bikes are allowed on internal park pathways.

  7. What are the park rules? 
    View Park Rules.



Shelter Rules & Regulations

  1. What are the shelter rules and regulations?
    • All reservations must be made in person by the renter (the individual or authorized representative of the organization which is to use the facility). The renter is responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations. Reservations with alcohol will be made only to individuals 21 years of age or older. Reservations without alcohol can be made to individuals 18 years of age or older. The City Fire Marshal limits capacity at each shelter to 100 persons. The renter must advise the Parks and Recreation Department of the number of persons expected to attend the activity at the time the renter signs the rental agreement.
    • The facility is to be used by the renter only, and only during the time designated on the agreement. Failure to limit usage of the facility to those hours will result in the renter being billed for the holdover rental time.
    • Permission must be obtained before the renter may charge admission or take donations to any event held during the time designated on the rental agreement.
    • Permission must be obtained from the Parks and Recreation Department at the time the application is made before any individual or organization may allow music at any shelter during the time designated on the rental agreement. Music must be moderate in volume and the entire audio system must remain inside the shelter.
    • SECURITY. A security guard service is employed to open and close all park shelters. Keys are not issued to renters. This procedure necessitates that the renter or his/her designated representative be physically present at the shelter for opening on the date and time agreed upon in the contract. Failure to be present at the shelter on the date and time prescribed will result in the renter being assessed a fee whenever a security guard is required to make a second trip due to the renter not being present. The security guard is to fill out the inventory list on the "Rental Report" including the beginning count and the end count. The customer should verify the inventory count, and sign if his/her count agrees with the security officer's. Please note any missing, damaged, malfunctioning, vandalized items, or incidents at the end of the rental.
    • DAMAGE. Renter agrees that any damage to, or loss of City property, or breach of the rental agreement is the sole responsibility of the Renter. The renter shall promptly pay any invoice rendered by the City for such damage, loss or breach, including but not limited to expenses incurred by the City due to Renter's failure to vacate the property by the end of the designated rental period. Personal property or personal equipment must be removed at the end of the rental period. The Parks and Recreation Department will not be responsible for any personal property or personal equipment left in or near the facility after the reservation hours.
    • ALCOHOL: The Parks and Recreation Department will provide a uniformed guard for all activities where alcohol is served. The renter may obtain the telephone number of the Security Guard Service from the Parks and Recreation Department. One guard is mandatory for each alcohol related activity. The renter is responsible to pay all security guard fees. No alcohol can be brought onto the premises or consumed until the Security Guard is on duty and the alcohol permit is in effect. Once alcohol has been served, the Security Guard must remain on duty until the facility is closed and locked at the end of the rental period.
    • DECORATIONS. No duct tape or packaging tape. There will be no decorations stapled to the walls of the Shelter. Any additional time needed to decorate will be charged at the standard rate. Decorations must be removed by the end of the rental period. No piƱatas, helium balloons or live candles are allowed.
    • The Parks and Recreation Department will furnish only those tables and chairs which are stored in the shelter. These tables and chairs are not to be taken outside of the shelter during rental activities. The renter is permitted to bring up 2 tables only; to be used for gift table or placement of food.
    • All applications for functions involving teenagers must have three or more adults (21 years of age or older) sponsoring and chaperoning the gathering.
    • Vehicular traffic is limited to designated parking lots and roadways. No driving or parking is allowed on grass covered areas.
    • Rentals may be terminated by Parks and Recreation Department officials at any time for failure to observe rules and regulations during the use of the facility.
    • All trash and litter accumulated around the facility by the renter must be removed and disposed of by the renter before vacating the premises.
    • Smoking is prohibited inside the shelter. Smoking must be done at least 15 feet from the main entrance.
    • Customers do not have to put away chairs or tables. Customer is not required to sweep the floors. They must take down all their decorations and throw trash in trash barrels provided inside the shelter. If stove or refrigerator were used, customer should remove any food and ensure that stove/oven is off.
    • The last half hour of the rental will be used to vacate the Shelter. The serving of alcoholic beverages, music, catering services will conclude and all trash will be placed in trash cans provided.

Parties & Rentals

  1. I want to have a party at a park. Do I need to get a permit and is there a fee?
    Yes, a $54 park usage permit is required for park use if your event is for 50 or more people or if any of the following items will be introduced onto the park grounds.

  2. Portable restrooms.
    The rental company must have proof of liability insurance, which names the city of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department as an additional insurer.

  3. What does amplification mean?
    "Amplification" means a loudspeaker, amplifier, public address system or any other artificial sound system that amplifies and plays sound for the purpose of publicly projecting or broadcasting the sound. Amplification permit cost is $15.

  4. What information should I know about amusement devices? (Jumping balloons, moonwalks, dragons, or similar apparatus, etc.)
    The rental company must have proof of liability insurance, which names the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department as an additional insurer.
    The current list of rental companies that meet the insurance requirements are:
    (The City of El Paso does not endorse nor is affiliated with any of the above listed companies.)



Programs & Activities

  1. Do you have classes or self-enrichment activities? Where do you offer them?
    The Special Programs Division offers a variety of classes and workshops through the Leisure Interest Services section. Classes are for youth and adult in the area of health and fitness, arts and crafts, and music and dance. Some of the classes are Zumba, aerobics, karate, ballet, guitar, painting, ceramics, hip hop, line dance and boxing, to name a few. Classes are offered throughout the City at senior and recreation centers. Class fee varies from $18.00 per month and up. A 50% discount is offered to seniors 60 and over and scholarships are also available to youth form families with limited income. For more information contact the Leisure Classes Coordinator, at (915) 544-0573.

  2. Do you have after school programs?
    After school programs are available during the school year in all recreation centers and in selected schools throughout the El Paso and Ysleta School Districts. The after school is free and is designed for youth 6-12 years old. Arts and crafts, sports, homework corner and special projects are some of the exciting activities offered.

  3. Do you provide activities for teens?
    Yes, aside from the Leisure Interest Classes, the Special Programs Division also offers the following programs:
    • Midnight Basketball is held during summer months on Friday nights. The program is free for ages 12-17. The program is for 10 weeks and games are played in 9 recreation centers throughout the city.
    • Summer camp mentoring program is set up for ages 13-17. Cost is $20 per week. Teens learn activity, leadership and supervisory skills and also get to participate on summer camp activities.
    • For more information please call (915) 544-0753.

  4. Do you have activities for seniors?
    The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department manages 10 senior centers for participants 55 years and older. Activities at these senior centers are designed to fulfill the needs of senior participants by providing a healthy "free" lunch, bingo, dances, arts and crafts, billiards and card games, and other exciting activities that include X-box tournaments and senior games. For more information please call (915) 544-0753.



Locations & Contact Information

  1. Where can I find information on swimming pools?
    Please call the Aquatics Office at (915) 544-3556. Visit the Indoor and Outdoor Aquatic Centers for a complete listing.

  2. Where can I find information on recreation centers?
    Please call (915) 544-0753 for information or visit the Recreation Centers for a complete listing.

  3. Where can I find information on community gardens?
    Please contact the Garden Specialist at (915) 566-1876.

  4. Who can I contact to get Gus & Goldie mascots to do a presentation?
    Please call (915) 212-0397 for information on Gus & Goldie promotional and marketing program. Visit the Gus & Goldie Franchise page for more information.

  5. When are the parks open?
    • May 1 to October 1: Parks are closed from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
    • October 2 to April 30: Parks are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
    • Downtown Parks: Parks are closed from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.



Employment & Reporting Issues

  1. Are there any jobs in the Parks & Recreation Department?
    Jobs are available throughout the year including the after school program and summer camps. Youth Activity Specialists and coordinators are usually hired early in April for the summer camp and in July for the after school programs. Other jobs offered in the special programs division are leisure services instructors that can be hired as independent instructors to teach classes to the general public. For more information visit Human Resources page or call (915) 212-0092.

  2. Who can a person call to report sprinkler malfunctions or other maintenance problems at parks?
    Call (915) 212-0092 during regular business hours (7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). You may call (915) 542-3213 or preferably 3-1-1 (the General City-Service Request Number) after-hours or on weekends. The dispatcher at this number will submit a work order to correct the problem as soon as possible.