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Open Space

Open Space is any area that has not been developed or that currently has no significant structures on it. These spaces have some combination of natural scenic beauty, natural resources that are deemed worthy of preservation, or have a cultural or historic significance to the area or region. Open space lands may be under public or private ownership.

A Vision Statement for Open Space

The Franklin Mountains and Rio Grande River Corridor will be at the heart of a densely interconnected network of trails, parks and natural areas covering our entire city. Arroyos, irrigation canals and drainage features will serve as “green infrastructure” arterials with links to neighborhoods, schools, libraries, museums, public transit terminals, workplaces, shopping areas, parks, native habitat preserves, and grand open spaces. El Paso’s Open Space and Trail Network will be attractive and easily accessible to all. It will be the site of many kinds of healthy recreational activities, and provide numerous opportunities for educating the public about Chihuahuan Desert ecosystems. Through a carefully-planned balance of development and preservation, El Paso will be recognized as a city uniquely in harmony with its natural setting, and will become a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, eco-tourists and people seeking an excellent quality of life.
(Source: A Green Infrastructure Plan for El Paso)

Development of the Open Space Plan included invaluable guidance from the Open Space Advisory Group highlighted in the introduction of the plan.

Events & Places

Opportunities for participation in, and enjoyment of, a wide range of unique El Paso Open Space recreational and educational activities are available to residents and visitors alike.

Open Space Partners


Rio Bosque Wetlands Park Keystone Heritage Park Texas AM Agriculture FMWC Frontera Land Alliance